Monday, February 27, 2006

RMDH renovations underway

Dylan’s counts are great and he had his Cetuximab antibody today without any problems. I want to share with you something funny Dylan said last night, not sure how it will sound when writing it, but it was very funny at the time. We had watched a show about Angelina Jolie on TV and they mentioned how she used to wear a vial of blood of her ex-husband, Billy Bob’s blood around her neck. After a few hours, Dylan asked me why she had done that. I replied that I wasn’t sure, but maybe she just wanted to do something different that other people would find strange. Dylan thought about it a bit longer then turned to me in a very, matter of fact, manner and said “So was it in like, an I.V bag?” The look of seriousness on his face had me burst out in laughter, then he started to laugh too. I know it’s awful that Dylan’s world makes him think like that, but it was very funny. I explained that it was probably a very small amount, like in a little bottle or pendant.

The Ronald McDonald House has renovations well under way at the moment, on 3 floors and the offices. At some stage we will have to move rooms, to allow renovations to be done on our floor. We have spent the last 13 months in this room so it will be kind of strange moving, but the change will be good. We gave Dylan’s artwork of the 3 kittens to the Ronald McDonald House because they like to use some of the children’s art as a thank you to people who generously make donations to the House. It was hard to give it up because he had done such a wonderful job, but we also got some satisfaction in knowing that in some small way we helped the House.

Mum called me last night, I hadn’t spoken to her in ages, I miss her so much. She told me that land is being prepared near our house for a big supermarket and several shops to be built. Wow, I really am not going to recognize things when we eventually get home. Tim has already told me that heaps of houses have been built and that it all looks completely different. When I left, horses could still be seen grazing on the hill in the distance from my kitchen window, now it’s all housing. Dylan spoke to his Nana (grandmother) and told her about his artwork. Mum doesn’t know how to use the computer at home so cannot view Dylan’s webpage when Tim’s not there. Cain spoke to Nana also and told her about how his has lost another tooth, he also explained that he will be bringing the tooth home for the “Australian” tooth fairy! Tim and Cain will return home on 15th March, so we have a couple of weeks left together. It has been wonderful, although the bills have certainly mounted up back home. Tim and I decided that time together is much more important than the bills, as we have no idea when we will see each other again after this visit.

I have been in contact with channel seven in Australia, and I have been told that “True Stories” will air early April instead of the expected February. I will make sure I let everyone know the exact date when Dylan’s documentary airs. Hopefully this will pick up the fund raising a bit as donations are almost non existent of late.