Thursday, February 23, 2006

Art class

Dylan had the day off clinic yesterday and was invited to attend an all day art class by his art teacher. The class has about 15 other students and is run for the presidents week break from school. As soon as I dropped him off, he was saying “bye mom, go , go ,go” I guess having me wrap him in cotton wool all the time has made him crave his own independence. It’s the first time since diagnosis that Dylan has been in a school environment without it being catered for cancer kids, but since his art teacher is a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and the school is 2 minutes away from the house, I was confident Dylan would be fine. Today Dylan delayed his visit to clinic for blood tests until this afternoon as he wanted to go again to art class, he enjoyed it so much. The photos below are some of the productions of his art classes. I think the teacher helped a little on the outline sketching, but still Dylan did extremely well and the most important thing is that Dylan loves doing it and I am sure it’s great emotional therapy for him. On a medical update, Dylan’s weight is up to 17.3kg and his platelets are now 107 which is great.