Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2nd round of trial ends

Sorry for the delay in update, but I am still sick and for the 3rd day and remain confined to the room at Ronald McDonald House, waiting for this very high temperature to subside. Dylan is very well in himself even though he had a temperature on Sunday and we took him to urgent care. He was not neutropenic, so he was not admitted, however he did need a potassium infusion. Monday Dylan was put on oral antibiotics as a precaution and had the final dose of Cetuximab antibody for this second round. Today Dylan is at clinic with Tim, having the MIBG isotope injection ready for tomorrow’s scan. Tomorrow is a big day, it’s Australia day and it marks our 1 year anniversary of being in New York and also Dylan will have a scan. There are many activities on tomorrow, but unfortunately with Dylan having a scan and me being sick, we will be unable to attend. At Chelsea Piers tomorrow, there will be a calendar launch, please see this link The Aussies Are Coming This calendar will benefit Dylan, as some of the proceeds will be going towards Operation Oz Kids. Ben Graham will also be there to sign the calendars, the event starts at 12pm. Tomorrow evening Dylan has a very special occasion, but I will save the details until my next update!