Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Transport strike in NYC

Well that transport strike I wrote about last week happened yesterday. From what I am told it is the first strike New York has had since 1980! Taxi’s are charging $10 per person as a minimum and someone I know heard a taxi driver tell someone that was trying to get to JFK airport, it would cost $300. As you can imagine, without buses and trains and having taxi’s charge ridiculous prices, a lot of people are struggling to get to work and many of us are house bound. Even to get into Manhattan by car, you must have at least 4 people in your car or you are forced to pull over and cannot get in! Hopefully this will be resolved soon, especially at this time of year. Dylan is doing great, full of energy and tolerating his treatment exceptionally well this week. He is still eating well and so far has had no diarrhea. Tim and Cain are anxiously awaiting some snow fall as most of the snow we had a few weeks ago has all dried up. Cain has never seen snow before so this will be a real treat for him. Tim has been to the snow in the mountains in Australia before but he has never actually seen snow fall from the sky. In case I don’t get back to the computer before Christmas, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, I hope that you all enjoy the precious moments you share with your loved ones. There are many families that I know who have lost their children this year to pediatric cancer, this will be their first Christmas without them. I want to let those families know that we are thinking of them and cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this time of year must be for them. I know for us, this Christmas is such a mile stone for our family as last Christmas, Dylan was not expected to make it to Christmas 2005.

You may notice that Dylan’s guest book has changed, this is because of an individual person who signed Dylan’s guest book with inappropriate comments and now like my emails, I must have the guest book entries screened before they are posted. Unfortunately the Caringbridge guest books do not have a screening option. Dylan’s guest book is about love, hope and encouragement and is not the forum for this kind of behavior. You can access Dylan’s new guest book by the “sign my guest book” link above.