Monday, December 19, 2005

Together again

We’re a family again YAY! A huge big gigantic thank you to Make-A-Wish for granting Dylan’s wish to be a family at Christmas time. Also thank you to Qantas for getting them here safely and to Jim for letting us greet them at the gate.Thank you also to the Maynard family for driving us to the airport and providing us with such wonderful support. We are so happy, it is the best Christmas gift we could have asked for. The boys are playing well and Cain keeps telling me he loves me and grabbing my hand and hugging me. He just can’t seem to look at me without smiling, it’s so great. Tim has already taken the reins and doing the hospital thing to give me a break, it will be also good for him to have some early mornings to deal with the jet lag and get into the New York time zone. Tim is so wonderful, I would be lost without him. Dylan started his trial again today (platelets reached 83) Dylan did really well and was back by early afternoon. Dylan will continue treatment everyday until Friday. Christmas is fast approaching and I know the boys are looking forward to Christmas morning together. I hope that Dylan can maintain his eating and energy during this round. They have lowered the Irinotecan dosage, to try and prevent his counts dropping and the diarrhea like last time. Well, we will take this time to enjoy to it’s fullest, I will make sure I make another entry later in the week.