Saturday, December 3, 2005

Message from the Administrator of the Dylan Hartung Fund

Greetings. I am Rick Ferrara the administrator of the Dylan Hartung Fund. It seems that we received anonymous emails questioning the propriety of our fund raising. Firstly we are Registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria Australia. We have Tax Exemption Status and Deductible Gift Recipient Status with Australian Taxation Office and we adhere strictly to the Fundraising Appeals Act 1998. Registration under this act has to be renewed annually and the activities of the fund are also reviewed by the Department of Consumer Affairs at this time. So the fund is under the scrutiny of the Department of Consumer Affairs of the State Government of Victoria. The Health Minister of Victoria the Hon. Bronwyn Pyke is aware of Dylan's situation. All of the funds received are recorded with donors name and address and cheque number so all donations can be linked to the corresponding bank deposit to the Bendigo Bank account listed on this site. This is done strictly in accordance with the rules governing a deductible gift recipient.
All the required records are kept in accordance with the applicable acts.
As for expense incurred by the Dylan Hartung Fund. The only expenses paid for by the fund are bank fees. All office, stationary and postage expenses are incurred by myself from my own pocket. The only money which has been paid out of the Bendigo Bank Account has been by electronic transfer to the bank account of Sloan Kettering. These transactions can only be carried out with two signatures and the approval of the manager of the Bendigo Bank in Rowville where the account is held.
It is prohibited by law for the money from this account to be used for any purpose other than medical expenses for Dylan. So this money cannot even be used for food.
If there is any fund remaining after Dylan's treatment concludes the money has to go to another child with the same condition. This again is required under law.
The Dylan Hartung Fund does not conduct any activities outside Australia and it's Territories.
Under The fund Raising Act other individuals are free to undertake activities in accordance with the act to raise money for Dylan and Melissa's living expenses. Several individuals have taken the initiative and done this.
So long as they raise less than $10 000 registration with the Department of Consumer Affairs is not required. But adherence to the fund raising act is.

Fundraising that takes place in the USA is administered by the American Australian Association I am not in a position to comment on their activities so any query should be directed to them.

As for the amount of money required to treat Dylan is like asking "How long is a piece of string?" Only estimates can be given due to the nature and structure of medical expenses. Also we have to deal with a fluctuating exchange rate.

There were questions about the ability for Tim and Melissa to pay for everything from their own funds.
Melissa was working for Australia Post, sorting mail. Tim works in a factory printing plastic bags. They only earn modest wages and have a large mortgage to pay. Since Melissa had to stop work to look after Dylan has thrown they finances into turmoil.
Without financial help they would be destitute. Everyone here knows this and that is why so many people are willing to help.
Any further queries should be directed to: