Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Hectic day

I’m going to keep this a short update because I am still in an emotional state. Dylan went to clinic this morning and was given the antibody, hydration fluids and more potassium. His access line needed changing, the plan was it would be removed today and left out until next Monday but it was decided that he needed fluids to continue through the night so we had to remove his old line and replace it straight away without any numbing cream. He was surprisingly brave and did not need any restraining at all. He screamed and cried once it was in, but he was very cooperative during the procedure. We were hoping to get out by 2:30pm to allow us dress up time ready to go on the trick or treating event that one of the staff members at the house had organized but the doctor wanted Dylan to stay for more hydrating then another electrolytes test. We begged and pleaded and the doctor said we could go in time, but then 2:30pm came and Dylan still had not urinated even after the large amounts of fluid. Dylan was so unhappy because we didn’t get out in time for the trick or treating event and he burst into tears, I had never seen him so disappointed before and it broke my heart. He tried desperately to go but it wouldn’t come. Finally by 3:30pm it came and we could leave but the bus had left at 3pm. I made a few phone calls and thankfully the bus from the Ronald McDonald House did an extra pick up and we made it back just in time. After such a tense day in clinic, lots of tears and no sleep, Dylan really didn’t pick up his mood much and was fairly quiet during the trick or treating, although he seemed to enjoy it. We pushed him around the apartment building collecting candy as he was not strong enough to walk. Once we got back to our room at about 6pm, he felt better and was happy and playing again, I think the extra fluids are doing him good. The diarrhea has decreased to about 4-5 times today instead of yesterdays 10-15, but it is still like water. We didn’t get to weigh Dylan today but we will definitely do it tomorrow when we return to clinic in the morning. I wish I felt better, I think I am just tired. Oh and by the way…Happy Anniversary hunny, wish I was with you.