Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Christmas Spectacular

Dylan is doing a little better. Yesterday we took Kelly’s brother Robert to school, then went in to clinic and had his electrolytes checked and also his dose of Pentamidine. The doctor weighed him and surprisingly he has only lost half a kilo, weighing in at 15.6kg. I was very surprise because he looks so much thinner to me. He was prescribed potassium tablets but when I got them they were humungous! Bless his little heart, he tried so hard to swallow it, even broken in half he just couldn’t do it. I must admit, even I would have trouble swallowing them. After clinic we headed back to the Ronald McDonald House and went on the 2pm trip to Radio City to see the Christmas Spectacular It was fantastic! The house was given tickets for the Dress rehearsal session. The performers were amazing and they even had a horse, camel and sheep on the stage! After that we returned to the Ronald McDonald House, then went to our Chris and Justine’s place for dinner where Dylan ate lamb chops that they cooked for us. Dylan did really well and was feeling great. When we returned back to the Ronald, Dylan fell straight to sleep and I collected Robert so that his mom could spend the night with Kelly in the hospital. This morning Dylan was fine, but later in the day the diarrhea increased and he became weak again, running out of breath just walking to the bathroom. Tomorrow we go back to clinic for his electrolytes to be checked again and I have a suspicion they may send us home with fluids again. Tonight’s diarrhea was so bad that it was no longer brown in color, it was almost clear. The family from Italy that was here for a long time has returned for scans. They told me that they saw a huge article about Dylan in an Italian newspaper/magazine and that they will fax it to me when they return to Italy next week. Kelly was discharged from hospital today, she’s happy about that and Bailee remains in ICU on a ventilator.