Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dylan is stable

Hi everyone, Dylan’s scan results from last Wednesday say he is stable. No increase or decrease of disease. I am happy with that result, stable is good, and the clinical trial nurse said that this trial can take some time before results are seen. Dylan was borderline neutropenic this week so the next round of the clinical trial will start on Monday. We still need to go into clinic for blood tests but it meant that we could have yesterday off without a hospital visit, which was great. Today Dylan finally was taken off home fluids, and tomorrow morning we will go in and test his electrolytes to see if he can remain off the fluids until Monday. We spent our day off clinic yesterday, showing Rose and Donna around Central Park, 5th Avenue and Central Park zoo. Vicky and Nicky from England also joined us. The weather was a bit lousy but in between rain showers, we got to see a lot, including FAO Schwartz toy store, Trump Towers and American Girl Place. Donna also got her portrait drawn by one of the street stalls for only $5 and it looks great. 5th Avenue is alive with Christmas decorations and lights. There is a huge snow flake decoration all lit up in the street and tonight they will light the huge Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. Jim from Qantas and his daughter are taking Dylan and I to NBC to watch the tree lighting ceremony, which will be a great experience. At the moment Dylan is with his teacher down stairs. I was told that the fund raising event held last Saturday at the Amstel Golf Club, was fantastic. Thank you to everyone involved in making that such a huge success, your all amazing. I am not sure how the online Poker tournament went last night, but I am sure I will find out that it was also very successful. Well, I must go and get ready for tonight’s Tree lighting, tomorrow is clinic and Friday I will try and get Donna and Rose to see the Statue of Liberty if the weather permits. Thank you for leaving all your wonderful messages in the guest book, it means the world to us.