Friday, October 28, 2005

What's that smell?

Oh I forgot to mention that yesterday I was out the front of the Ronald McDonald House with some other parents and we could smell maple syrup, it was just like panckes or waffles. We all thought someone must be making them. Then this afternoon we saw the news: Sweet smell in NYC It is very strange that it was smelt where we are on the Upper East side and was also smelt on the West side and in New Jersey which is on the other side of the Hudson River! Even the coast guard was on the search of the "smell" and thousands of people rang to report it fearing chemical terrorism! Lets hope tomorrow we don't all turn green!

Last day of the 2 week chemo today, and all went well. The only thing is that Dylan’s appetite has decreased, so I am battling to get food into him. His blood counts are good and his hair continues to grow, we now have eyebrows and eyelashes again! Monday we have another dose of the I.V antibody and then we get the rest of the week off, with only a check up on Thursday. On Monday 7th we start the 2 week round again, meaning Dylan will have to have chemo on his birthday which is a bit of a bummer. I am feeling better now, just have this lingering cough. I spent most of yesterday in bed after the mornings hospital visit, then in the evening Skye took Dylan to bake a cake. Dylan had been asking for the past 2 days and I thought that baking a cake may get him to eat it as well! As I rested up, I got a phone call from Skye saying Dylan had baked the cake and wanted to go to Cabin Fever to sing some Karaoke! Well, Mr Dylan came home late after singing 2 songs to a crowd of 100 people! He came back to the Ronald McDonald House with a smile on his face, 2 checks for his medical fund and a phone number of a new chicky babe! This kid makes me laugh so much! He fell straight to sleep, he has a better social life than I do! I must thank everyone for their fundraising efforts at the sausage sizzle held at the Skye primary School's Trash and Treasure day, it was a great success and I know from experience that running a sausage sizzle is a exhausting task. Thanks to Pat, Karon, Jessica, Gran, Pop, Brett & Leanne. Also thanks to those who donated supplies and tools.
Kelly has landed herself back in hospital with an infection, she is doing well but will need to remain hospitalized for up to 10 days. Our friend Bailee is back in ICU, please pray for her recovery, she has had a very rough past few months and now with the legionnaires (see her October 15th journal history) she has contracted, things are a lot more difficult. Alyssa had a seizure on her way to clinic this morning, hopefully she will not get admitted because tomorrow she is off to Disney World as her wish. It’s never ending in the house, if your not fretting over your own child, your fretting and worrying over someone else’s. At least at the end of the day, us parents can cry, hug and support one another. Sometimes we also have to tell each other off for getting glassy eyed, because when one of us starts, we all start!