Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dylan doing very well with clinical trial

Dylan is doing very well with his clinical trial still. It is pouring with rain and very cold here in New York, I think it may be related with the hurricanes in Florida. I have come down with a cold and am now am wearing a mask at the Ronald McDonald House and hospital to protect the other children from my germs. I hope I don’t wake up all aching tomorrow, at the moment it’s just a running nose and an awful feeling in my throat. We have hospital each day for the rest of the week, so I will have to force myself to have early nights and stay off this computer. I have feared getting sick while caring for Dylan, not only because of the risk of making him sick but also being physically capable to care for him. He is so good though, he tries so hard to look after me, it’s very cute. Tonight they had a Halloween Party downstairs, Dylan joined in on the activities and had a great time.

Dylan and I had an interview with Hollywood Access today, I will let you all know when I find out the date it will be aired on American T.V. Dylan really enjoyed the interview and spoke for 2 hours!

The fundraising is on the way, we have some events coming up in America and also on line, so I will let you all know about them when the final details are finalized. In the mean time, Aimee has opened a new fundraising email address and is also working on a fundraising website for Dylan.

Any fundraising ideas, offers of help or questions within America or other countries can be forwarded to Aimee:

Direct donation questions can be forwarded to Emily at the American Australian Association:

Any fundraising ideas, offers of help or questions within Australia can be forwarded to Leanne:

Direct donation questions for Australia can be forwarded to Rick: dylanfund@spin.net.au

Also keep in mind that any donations made for Dylan’s medical fund are TAX DEDUCTIBLE for donations made within both Australia and America.