Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ready for Camp

We are all packed and ready to go to camp tomorrow. Dylan is doing well, he woke this morning and finally asked for some pain medicine. He even asked for more when it was time for bed. He seems to be moving around the room better today, and was even playing with his hot wheel cars on the floor. I am hoping that the camp will entice him to play with the other kids once he sees them running around, and it will get his mind of the discomfort of the new medi-port and bone marrow sites. Some of you will remember a little boy named Taylor, that looks very much like Dylan’s brother Cain, who’s little sister has Neuroblastoma. Dylan really looks up to Taylor as a brother figure and enjoys his company. His little sister Madison is not doing so well at the moment and is in hospital again, so we have decided to take Taylor with us to give the family the time to spend with Madison. Not only is Madison not well, but they just learned that her stem cells that were being stored at their local hospital, were destroyed in the hurricane back where they live. Please keep Madison in your prayers at this time.