Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Medi Port placement & BM

Thank you to everyone for your support, it’s incredible. The guest book and emails are so supportive, it really does provide us to keep strong and to keep fighting.

To view the interview done in Australia on the today show, follow this link and click on the video watch link, then click on the News section, then click on the Today link, which is under the current affairs heading, then click on Dylan Hartung (sorry couldn't get an easier link to work)

Today Interview

Dylan and I went to clinic this morning at 6:30am for his anesthetic, bone marrow aspirations and medi-port placement. Dylan slept most of the time, but of course woke up for the IV to be put into his arm. Usually he screams and cries but remains still while the nurse does what she has to do, but this morning he tried to grab her hand so I knew he was anxious about the up coming procedure. He then cried himself to sleep and didn’t wake until he was being moved onto the operating table, and seconds later was given the anesthetic. After 2 hours I was being called into recovery and as I approached the doors, I could hear him crying. The nurse was trying to console him as they took his vital signs. He was in pain, but after a dose of morphine he settled down. He asked if there was anything on his tongue, I think he must have bit it as it was a bit red. He fell asleep and I also fell asleep by his bedside. I had only 3 hours sleep last night and to my surprise I fell into a very deep sleep in the recovery room that was filled with many patients recovering from their surgeries it was noisy, bright and busy, but I totally passed out. I woke after 2 hours to find Dylan staring at me. Embarrassed I asked Dylan if I had been snoring and he smiled and said no. Thank goodness! Dylan was then back to his happy self but very tender around the back bone marrow biopsy sites. The nurse said we were able to go back up to the day clinic, so I unhooked Dylan from all the heart and blood pressure monitors, while Dylan worked on taking the stickers off himself and getting dressed. Up in day clinic at 1pm, Dylan asked for Noodles and a drink and refused any pain medication. By 2pm we were back at the Ronald McDonald House. Dylan has not complained about the port site at all, but his bone marrow sites are bothering him and as a result he can barely walk or move, but again he refuses to take anything for the pain, he holds up his hand and says “I’m o.k mom” I have to keep an eye on one of the sites as it bled quite a bit and left a large patch on the sheets in clinic. Dylan and I will rest tomorrow and then on Friday morning we are joining the Ronald McDonald House in a camp for kids with Cancer! The camp organizers will drive the families from the house in a bus, and we will stay there until Monday evening. It should be really great, and we are very excited bout getting out of the city for a while. We are going to Maine which from what I hear, is about a 6 hour drive from here. They have cabins that we will stay in, a pool, mini golf, rope climbing, many other organized activities and even a lake for fishing. We can walk along the lake and at night sit by camp fires. I have decided to not take my computer with us, so I apologize if I do not reply to emails or update the site until Tuesday. Rest assured when we return, I will have photos to share our experience with all of you.