Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Rash improving

Dylan’s rash has subsided thank goodness, so it looks like it was an allergy to ciprofloxacin and not Vancomycin or Amikacin. They did an ultrasound this morning to check if there was a blockage or a blood clot preventing the temporary line being inserted into his chest, the results show everything is fine and no blockages were seen. He is doing well, sad at times but mostly happy. The line in his groin is still bothering him and he cried when the nurse changed the dressing, I was in the hospital kitchen down the hall getting Dylan some vanilla ice-cream and I heard the awful scream. His blood counts are very low, and he is now officially neutropenic again and has started GCSF injections. He has terrible diarrhea which I think is mostly caused by the antibiotics, it’s like water, poor kid. We don’t do much, I sit on the chair by his bed and he plays games on the computer or watches TV. I try and play with him and entice him to paint or draw but he is not interested at all. We will be unable to return to the Ronald McDonald House until Dylan’s counts come up and in the past that has taken 2 weeks. I don’t have much more to say, life is pretty uneventful in hospital.

P.S Dylan came 12th in the Australian Footy tipping with 94 points