Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Broviac line removed

Dylan was given 2 platelet transfusions through the night and at 12:30pm today, Dylan had his broviac line removed and a temporary line put in. The original plan was to have the temporary line put into the other side of his chest but during the procedure it was discovered that there was some kind of blockage or clot and they were unable to do it. Unfortunately Dylan’s worst fear happened, and they had no choice but to put the line into his groin. Dylan woke in recovery very distressed and feeling very cold. Shortly after he was taken back to the safety of his hospital room and once the accompanying nurse left he started to yell and scream in pain. Dylan is normally very brave and doesn’t complain, but he was really sore. I pressed the call button and asked for the nurse to bring him some pain mediation. Dylan screamed constantly in pain, as I fought back my own tears. I know that when Dylan cries in pain, it must really hurt because he does have a high pain tolerance, so when he is distressed I find it very hard to control my own emotions. After the nurse gave him some morphine he settled down and asked me to secure his lines to his leg with some tape, and then he wanted me to go to the shop and buy him ribs for lunch!!! What a wonder drug morphine is, Dylan then curled up and fell asleep, forgetting about the ribs he asked for a few minutes earlier! It is in a very awkward area, and even putting a diaper on Dylan is difficult, let alone pants. I asked the nurse if they will send Dylan home with this line and he said “not usually”. Phew, I really don’t see how I can move him around and dress him with this line. Dylan’s infection and antibiotics must be complete before they consider putting in his port. I also have a feeling that he must not be neutropenic, so that means we will be in hospital for a few weeks now. An ultrasound and X-ray will be done soon to check why they could not place the line into his chest, and to see if there is in fact a blood clot.