Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dylan meets the New York Yankees

We all had a fantastic night at the Yankee’s game, and to top the night off, they won! We caught the subway in and once we arrived we were taken down to where the players walk past, and both the boys were able to get baseballs autographed by some players! The seating was incredible, right behind the catcher, and apparently we could be seen on the television broadcast of the game! A huge thank you to MSKCC and Childlife who gave us the tickets and of course to the New York Yankee’s who donate these tickets to the families of the hospital. Yesterday’s hospital visit went well, Dylan had his I.V antibiotics and his blood tests show that he is neutropenic again. We have started him on GCSF injections again which will drop his platelet levels, so chances are he will need transfusions by Friday. Dylan lost more weight and is now 16.9kg, he was 19.8kg about 3 weeks ago! Poor little guy is visiting the bathroom at least 6 times a day so it’s hard to retain any nutrition. We continue to give him appetite stimulants but he still only eats very small amounts. His favorite thing at the moment is McDonalds French fries with lots of salt. He asked Tim yesterday “Dad can I have a bag of salt with fries!” I don’t think he meant to say it like that but we all laughed and said, yeah it may as well be like that! We have to cross our fingers that he does not develop a fever and end up in hospital, because on Sunday, Paul has arranged for him to meet a women’s basketball team at Madison Square Gardens and have another television interview, and of course Dylan is very excited about it. Last night the Ronald McDonald House took us on the Double Decker Tour Bus around Manhattan and to Brooklyn, it was fantastic and the boys loved it. The top of the bus has no roof, so it was nice to ride around on the bus on such a warm night and see the sights. We learned where some famous people live, and that the Empire State building only took 13 months to build! We traveled through SoHo, Greenwich village, china town, little Italy, 5th Avenue, Times Square, over the Manhattan bridge and into Brooklyn.