Saturday, June 11, 2005

Slava's snow show

Dylan and I had a fantastic evening seeing Slava’s Snow Show on Thursday. Thank you to Ginger Dzerk, the Company Manager of Slava's Snow Show & Rebecca from the Consulate for arranging complimentary tickets for us. It was such an amazing show and so interactive. We were covered by a huge cobweb, sprinkled with water and then covered in paper snow! At the end of the show we were blasted, and I mean blasted with a blizzard! The clowns were very funny and very entertaining. When we arrived back to our room at Ronald McDonald House, we were still removing paper snow from our shoes, t-shirts and even our underwear!
We are getting very excited about my brother and nephew’s arrival on Tuesday. Today there was a street fair on 1st Avenue which is on our corner. Dylan begged me to buy him a pair of minocklears (binoculars) he spotted at one of the stalls and I gave in. After wandering around the fair, Dylan and I took a stroll down by the East river where Dylan tried out his new binoculars and then we returned to our room because it was a very hot day again, but now it seems a thunder storm is rolling in. Dylan complained of pain in his lower back this afternoon. Neuroblastoma is present in his lower spine, so I assume that is why. Looking at the area it seems slightly swollen but maybe it is that I am not use to him having weight on, I am so use to seeing his spine sticking out. After spending time with a heat pack on it, his pain decreased. I will mention it to the doctors on Monday when he goes in for his 10th round of chemo. Dylan now weighs 18kg, what a difference from 13kg a month ago! He looks and feels so much better, even he says “I love TPN cause it makes me feel good and gives me energy”
Tomorrow Dylan is in for a real treat. The Ronald McDonald House is taking the kids to see the NASCAR racing at Pocono Raceway. We leave at 8am tomorrow morning and take a 2 hour bus trip to the track. The biggest challenge for me will be getting Dylan to bed early tonight so that he is up by 7:30am! It should be a great day, Dylan loves watching car racing.