Thursday, June 9, 2005

Dylan doing great

Another very hot day in New York, it's so humid. Yes, I am going to keep complaining about the heat until it's Autumn/fall! Dylan is doing great, he is managing to swallow his tablets and other medication without complaint. The big test will be next Monday because along with his I.V chemo he also needs to take oral chemo of 3 capsules. He will need to do this for 5 days, so by then he will be an expert at tablet swallowing!

Sunday's yabbie race fund raiser at "The Sunburnt Cow" has been postponed due to the yabbies not arriving in New York in time. The day has been scheduled for the following Sunday 19th or 26th June, but I will let you all know when that date is confirmed. For those who don't know what yabbie racing is take this link: Yabbie racing