Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hospital admission

Day 4 of this round of chemo ended in another hospital admission today. Dylan had his Irinotecan & Temozolomide infusion and after a large bout of vomiting he was given a bed while waiting for a blood transfusion. More vomiting and getting sleepy from the anti nausea medications, Dylan spiked a temperature of 38.8 before the blood even arrived! When the nurse said he had a temp, Dylan said “No, it’s not a real temperature!” I then explained to Dylan that it was and he would have to be admitted and he burst into tears. I don’t know what it is but every time Dylan has this chemo he seems to end up in hospital, even though he is not neutropenic. I was actually excited that today’s CBC results showed his ANC (neutrophils) were 2.7. I thought, great, we will get through this round, but I was wrong. They have taken more blood cultures and if it comes back positive they may pull his line. He had just finished the Vancomycin IV antibiotics I was giving him on Saturday and now he has to start on them again. His temperature is up and down, the highest it reached this evening was 39.4.Yesterday was a good day as a last day of freedom anyway. During the day after chemo, our neighbors across the hall took Dylan to the movies to see “War of the Worlds” because they had a spare free ticket. Then when Dylan returned, Skye came over and we all went to see Mr & Mrs Smith. Dylan just loved seeing Ms Jolie on the big screen. The weather here in New York is extremely humid, almost like being in an indoor swimming pool minus the chlorine smell! Today it was announce not to drink the water in all of New York city, not even to brush your teeth in it. Flyers went all around the hospital talking about the risks for people with compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients! Bottled water is being distributed and there are signs everywhere not to drink the water. Luckily Dylan and I mainly drink soda but I will miss having ice from the ice dispenser in hospital. Here is a link if you would like to know more about the New York water issue: New York Water I was out the front of the hospital an hour ago with Skye, who had come to visit Dylan and I saw my very first fire fly. Wow, it was amazing, it just flew around and every so often his body would light up green, just like a bulb on the Christmas tree, really cool!