Friday, June 17, 2005

Dylan discharged from hospital

WOO HOO! Good news, Dylan is being discharged from hospital today. He is just having a platelet transfusion and then we are out of here! Dylan's platelets were 12, and his ANC is 0.4 so we will need to continue on the GCSF injections. The IV antibiotics will be delivered to me this evening and I will hook him up to them along with his TPN. I have to go down to the pharmacy and pick up more Lomotil and Folic acid as well. We will return to clinic on Monday and depending on Dylan's platelet and ANC counts, he may start round10 chemo for 5 days. I have a feeling though that he will not be ready by Monday. I also found out today that MSKCC have a whole dental department on level 3 for cancer patients. That is wonderful because back home I was told not to bother with getting Dylan to see a dentist during treatment. Dylan has never seen a dentist before and I actually had him booked in for his first consultation, but a week before the consultation date, Dylan was hospitalized and the whole “what’s wrong with Dylan” thing started. I will chat with the doctors on Monday to see if it is wise for him to have a check up. Chemotherapy is known to destroy teeth and many of the children here are seen by the dental department during their treatment. I know his teeth are the last of his problems but I would feel more comfortable knowing he at least had them checked. Well, we are nearly done with the platelet transfusion so we will be out very soon. We are so looking forward to spending time with my brother and my nephew, sometimes wishes do come true!