Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cain missing us

Dr Modak came in today and told me that Dylan’s blood cultures are still positive for a line infection. If tomorrow morning’s results show positive again, the Vancomycin will be changed from 12 hourly to 6 hourly and they will remove Dylan’s hickman line and put in a temporary line. This will mean Dylan will not be discharged as hoped. I have been told that if they can put a temporary line in his chest we could be discharged but if it is put in his groin it will be too risky and he will remain hospitalized while on Vancomycin which could be several more days. If tomorrow’s result is clear (negative), then Dylan will be discharged and I will administer IV Vancomycin at the Ronald McDonald House every 12 hours. So we are in limbo waiting for tomorrow’s result. Dylan seems well though, he’s very energetic, playful and chatty. I was going to say he is happy but he really disappointed that he is stuck in hospital while his cousin is in New York.
Cain rang me upset yesterday. Mum told me he was really missing me. I think it may be because he knows Odin is in New York with us, while he is back home in Australia. You see, Cain and Odin are in the same class at school, so I can just picture Cain glancing over at Odin’s empty chair and wishing he was in New York too. Cain said to me ”I have good news and bad news mum, which do you want first?” I said give me the bad news. Cain told me that the bad news is he is giving up playing in his football team (Aussie Rules). When I asked why, Cain told me that he still loves playing football but it was just not fun anymore. I told Cain not to worry and that’s its fine to leave the team and I suggested that he go back to his swimming lessons because he loved swimming and he was very good at it. Now with the weekend’s football free, he will have time to focus on swimming, which is less competitive and a more solo sport. I then asked what the good news was and Cain said “I have a wobbly tooth!” Isn’t it cute, what makes a child so excited! After the phone call, I burst into tears, I wish I could be there for Cain, but I can't. I just want to hold him and love him, and never let go. He is being such a brave boy, and I am so very proud of him. I think I have the two bravest boys in the whole world!

Please see the above "Ladies night" fundraiser scheduled for 1st July.

If you have time please visit our friend Bailee who is having a rough time in hospital at the moment. This morning she was transferred to the POU and the last I heard she was going to the PICU. Being told your child is going to the PICU is a very scary time for any parent, my thoughts will be with you Robin.