Monday, June 20, 2005

10th round of chemo delayed for another week

Dylan and I headed to clinic early this morning for TPN blood tests and to see if he was ready for round 10 chemo. Dr Kushner decided to leave chemo for another week due to the antibiotics that he is still on and his platelet levels. Dylan’s blood counts were very good (except platelets) so we are now hospital free until Friday! Yesterday was a fun filled day, we all headed to Cloney Island in Brooklyn via the subway. The subway is very good but impossible for me to do on my own with Dylan because of the amount of stairs and lack of elevators, so having Rick and Odin here means we can travel around a bit more using the subway. We all loved the New York aquarium at Cloney Island, the walruses were amazing! We then walked down the famous boardwalk and stopped to watch some very talented guys doing some break dancing. The boys went on a few rides at the huge fun park that they have there, Odin was very brave and took a ride on the Cyclone roller coaster that has been there since 1928. It reminded me of the scenic railway roller coaster that we have back home at Luna Park, St. Kilda, except it is about 5 times the size, in width and height and has much steeper drops and many turns. Dylan slept during the subway ride back to Manhattan, even while a man was busking right next to him on his guitar…yes they even busk on the actual train here in New York. It is so great to have my brother and nephew here with us for the week, my brother is far more adventurous than me and gets us out to places I would never bother to go to. We plan to head to china town, little Italy and use our complimentary tickets to the museums this week. Oh and I saw another celebrity, Liza Minnelli, she was walking along 1st Avenue!