Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Right knee cleared up

Not much to report today. We went to clinic and Dylan’s platelet count was 38, so it’s finally going up by itself and a transfusion is not necessary. His ANC (Absolute neutrophil count-immune system) was 0.5 and I needed to give him another injection of GCSF. I spoke with Dr Kushner and he told me that the Neuroblastoma team was meeting today to discuss cases and that on Friday we will have more news n the MIBG treatment anticipated as the next stage. Dr Kushner showed me the MIBG scan and that the right knee has cleared up but the pelvis, shoulder, spine & skull remains the same. Tomorrow I will do another 12 hour urine collection to test for VMA Catecholamine levels. We have tomorrow off and will return to hospital on Friday morning bright and early for TPN blood tests. Dylan's TPN is now running for 12 hours each night. Weigh in for today was 16.7kg.