Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Wow what a funtastic (fun & fantastic) day we had today! Dylan has been saving his money and with the tooth fairy bring him $6 he bought himself a $20 remote control boat. He has been wanting one for ages ever since we saw the boats at Central Park. Well, I must say, I thought a $20 boat would last five minutes but to my surprise it actually worked really well and it is still working! We had a great time with it on the boat lake at Central Park and then Dylan decided he felt like some cotton Candy (Fairy Floss we call it in Australia). I remembered that they had some at the carousal, so we headed towards that part of the park but on the way we found that the ice skating rink had turned into a fun park for spring & summer. It’s called Victoria Gardens. Dylan had a blast of a time. It was good value and Dylan had fun on many rides. While we were there, so was Christian Slater with his daughter…what a hotty he is! (sorry Tim!) I remember him in the film “Very bad things”. His daughter was on the same ride as Dylan. I was not bold enough to ask for his autograph, now looking back I am kicking myself that I didn’t ask him to have a photo with Dylan.

We met up with Madison & her mom and Sean
and his mom. Both of them have up coming surgery, in fact Sean’s is tomorrow. If you have time, please call onto their websites to wish them well. Dylan has a clinic visit tomorrow, hopefully I can get some exact dates for up coming MIBG treatment.

I also just heard that our Aussie gal, Kylie Minogue was just diagnosed with breast cancer. There just seems to be so much more cancer these days, or is it that I just sit up and take more notice now that it’s a part of m life?