Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Only 14.5kg

Dylan’s weight has dropped again and he is only a mere 14.5kg which is the lowest Dylan has ever been since he was diagnosed. This is due to a poor appetite and the constant diarrhea issue. The doctor yesterday said that as the G-tube feeding is causing increased diarrhea and discomfort, to cease his night feeds until the diarrhea has decreased. Dylan has also been put onto an appetite stimulant and the Lomotil medication continues. The diarrhea is due to the chemo and on top of that Dylan still has post operative diarrhea. He is so thin that all his pants just fall straight off him and any smaller sizes are too short in the leg length. Every time I dress him, I am nearly reduced to tears when I see his sunken stomach and his hip bones poking straight out. We don’t have to go back to hospital now until Monday unless Dylan becomes lethargic or unwell. The up side is that Dylan's blood counts are good and he is happy, still playing with Cain and enjoying our walks through Central Park. On Sunday I will do a urine collection from Dylan for 24 hours and return it to the hospital at Mondays consultation. This will give them a small indication if the last chemo has made any difference. The plan at this stage is one more round of the same chemo (making it round number 8) on the 25th April for another 5 days, then Dylan will have all the major tests and scans again. From there it will most likely be high dose MIBG treatment.