Saturday, April 16, 2005

Greg & Lynn's house

We have had a great day today. We are staying the night with Aussie friends, Greg, Lynn & Thomas Maynard at Long Island, who generously welcomed us into their lives since Dylan and I arrived in New York in January. Greg came and picked us up early in the morning from McDonald House and we spent the day relaxing in the backyard, something Dylan and I have missed in New York. We soaked up the sunshine, listened to wood peckers in the trees and watched the kids play, then enjoyed an Aussie BBQ lunch. We went for a drive in the afternoon to show Tim and Cain a few of the sites around Long Island and then stopped off at the pet shop to see the Gerbils, hamsters and Chinchillas. Then returned for another BBQ dinner (can’t get enough of them!) and sat around the fire toasting marshmallows. It was so great to get back to the life we have missed, even if it is for a short time. Tomorrow afternoon we will return to McDonald House ready for Dylan’s hospital appointment on Monday. Dylan’s appetite stimulant has finally kicked in, and he is eating much better, but this has increased his diarrhea problem and visits the bathroom at least 6-10 times a day.
I have added some photos to “Dylan’s New York Adventures” and “Photos of Cain” – just flick passed towards the end and you will see them. We met up with Chassity and her mom this week which was fantastic. Chassity is an amazing 16 year old girl living with Neuroblastoma and it was so great to finally meet her after many emails. Please check out the up coming fund raising events above as I have added a new one for New York. I have been told events in Australia are in the pipeline and I will add them as soon as I get any final details.