Saturday, January 22, 2005

We have done it!!! New York here we come!

Where do I start, this is going to be a very long Journal entry! I am sorry I have not up dated the website until now but the past 24-48 hours have been snowballing. Wednesday at about 1pm, I received a phone call from the bank saying that they had just had an anonymous donation of $175,000 – taking our total balance to a screaming $454,000!!!
I just cried and cried, I couldn’t speak for about 20minutes and then I rang Tim at work. I told him I was crying and he started to panic, then when I told him about the donation, he cried too. All we know is that the deposit was made at an Eastern suburbs Bendigo Bank branch and that it was a cash donation. I just want to hug this person! I hope that they are looking at the website at least, so I can send them virtual hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Wednesday we were on the “Sunrise” show at 7:45am. We went to the 31st floor of the Grand Hyatt and they did a satellite telecast to Sydney. It was very hard to talk to a camera and to just have an earpiece talking to you, but it turned out better than I thought. On our way back to the car park Cain and Dylan saw clear elevators in another building we walked through and we just had to jump on for a ride. It was great, they went so fast and being totally made of glass, it was like a theme park ride! I then took the boys to the pancake parlour for breakfast and then we met up with the Richmond football players at Punt road oval. The boys had an amazing day. They met their favourite players, Kane Johnson and Matthew Richardson. Posters and cards were signed for them. I took photos with a disposable camera because I left the digital camera at home (my brain is so scattered!) As soon as I get it developed I will scan them and put them on the site. They got to sit in the team meeting with Terry Wallace, watch them train, play with the gym equipment, check out the locker room, visited the Richmond football team museum and were given show bags. On our way home was when we got the news about the donation, and we knew our dream was going to become a reality. Then it all started very fast, the girls at Australia Post booked the flights and I rang the American consulate. The Herald newspaper rang and did an over the phone interview also. Tim and I decided it was time for celebrations, so we went to Shakespeare’s bar & bistro in Frankston as they had offered us a free meal a few weeks ago but we never went as we were too stressed to enjoy it. Our flights are booked for Tuesday 25th January at 2:30pm and we will arrive in New York on Wednesday 26th at 10:30am. The visa interview was booked for 9am Thursday and I emailed MSKCC at 1am Thursday morning.
On Thursday chaos broke out! First thing was the consulate meeting, she was a lovely lady who assisted me greatly. She had made the appointment for me straight away when I rang her the day before and she hurried the visas through so I could pick them up at 3pm. Then 3AW rang, channel 10 rang, channel 7 rang and ABC rang!!! At 10:45am I was on 3AW while Pat LaManna was on. Pat announced the donation of a block of land in Rosebud, which he will auction mid February, with all the proceeds going to Dylan! At 12pm we had all three TV stations filming us in an interview at home. I thanked the public and made some individual thank you’s…but they edited all that out when it actually aired!!! At 2:30pm we went to channel 7 studios and met Pat LaManna. What a lovely man, he had tears in his eyes when he saw Dylan, and he has invited us to his home for a game of miniature golf when ever we get a chance. Then channel 7 followed us to the American consulate, as we went to pick up the visas. The phone, just did not stop ringing for one moment. Local newspapers rang also.
On Friday Dylan had his spiritual healing with Travina, for the last time before we head off to America. I then went to Australia Post and picked up the plane tickets and arranged travel insurance. I then went and arranged thank you photos for people involved in the campaign while Tim took the boys for a game of miniature golf. I am so exhausted that I cannot even type anymore on this journal.

I just want to stress two things, I am eternally grateful to everyone who has supported and donated to get Dylan to America. Even though we have raised enough for Dylan to go to New York and have his treatment, we still need to continue to fund raise. Dylan’s treatment may continue for a long period of time depending on how quickly he responds to 3F8 antibodies. Some children respond after a month, while others can take 12 months. The money we have raised so far will pay for his surgery a most likely only a few months of 3F8 treatment, and of course there may be hick ups along the way which may add to the estimated medical costs. So please, if you have fundraising plans, follow them through and if you can support the up coming events, that would be great.

“Dylan’s Fun Day Out” on Saturday 5th February 10am -4pm. If you think you may be able to assist please email Leanne:

A charity Auction night scheduled at Shakespeare’s restaurant in Frankston:101 Young St Frankston, on Friday 28th January - 8.00pm. There will be a small door charge (gold coin) and auction with all profits to be donated to Dylan’s campaign. If you would like further information, please email Leanne:

A Trivia Night held at the Rosebud Country Club on Saturday 29th January. Entry will be $10 per person, lots of raffles, door prize, games and fun. Get there at 7.30pm for a start at 8pm. Only 120 places, so get in quick, All proceeds will go to Dylan's fund. For tickets and information please contact Vicki:

“Lemanna Bananas” is auctioning a block of land mid February in the Peninsula sands estate, with the proceeds going to Dylan’s campaign. The block is in Jetty Road Rosebud. If anyone is interested, you can view further information at

E-Bay has signed cricket bats, signed Essendon posters, Melbourne Storm signed jersey and a St.Kilda signed cap. For further information email Brett: