Monday, January 24, 2005

Packed and ready - Flights booked

Well, Dylan and I are all packed and ready to go. Anxiety levels are very high in our family. Dylan seems oblivious to it all though. Cain hugged me tonight, in tears because he is going to miss me. I have been o.k but I think when I wake up tomorrow, it will all hit me and I will be a mess. We picked up some snow jackets, socks, hats, gloves and boots for Dylan that were donated from two ski shops. We also got some thermal underwear for the both of us. Our USA connection told us that the weather last night was -10C then warmed up to -5C and they had about a foot of snow, it was a blizzard! The main roads and side streets had to be ploughed. Wednesday's outlook so far is 33F/27F so that's about +1C to -3C at night with some snow showers. But it won't be a blizzard. The weather factor is freaking me out! Dylan and I have never even seen snow!
Hospital plans are in place, we have USA Aussies picking us up from JFK airport and all the appointments are booked. We land on Wednesday 26th at 10:30am and our first appointment at MSKCC is on Thursday 27th at 11am for PFS (whatever that is?) Then at 11:30am we meet Dr Modak for the first time. At 3:30pm Dylan will have a MIBG injection ready for the next days scan. On Friday Dylan will have a CT scan at 8am, MIBG scan at 9:30am and an anesthetic for Bone marrow testing. From there I am not sure what happens but I assume we will have the weekend off to let Dylan have a play in the snow and to visit the toy shop. Dylan wanted to take his matchbox cars with him, but I had to explain that they were too heavy for the trip and we would have to buy some in New York at the toy shop. Luckily Dylan has been given some money by friends and family for this purpose. I am not sure if the surgery was postponed due to our delay in arrival so it could still be the 31st or maybe it will be later in the week.

Today we had a photo session with another local paper and “The journal” had an article about Dylan published today…I have not seen it though, I hope they send me a copy.

Today was great, we went to Essendon Football Club for a photo session with the players and the Herald Sun. What a fantastic club! Dylan is a Richmond supporter but I think he has now been converted! I must say I am considering it myself because they were so dedicated to making the day so great and supporting Dylan’s campaign. Dean Solomon and Andrew Welsh are two amazing guys, I have to tell you. They gave Dylan a signed football jumper and cap and donated a signed football and jumper to the charity auction as well. They are also making an effort to attend both the auction night and the Fun day. Dylan played around with them on the field and boxed with Dean in the training ring (by the way Dean, Dylan said he kicked your butt!). Dylan also met Kevin Sheedy and had a chat with him, Dylan said “I know you, you used to play for Richmond and you were the best player!” If you want to see the photo and read the story, log onto the Essendon website:
I also assume that it will be in the Herald Sun newspaper tomorrow. A huge thank you to the Essendon Football Club and especially to Dean and Andrew, you have made Dylan a very happy little guy and for that, you should be proud. I was so excited when I saw him on the Essendon website…Dylan’s famous!

We have met sensational people through this journey, people that will remain our friends for life. I don’t even no where to begin with the thank you’s and how I can express how grateful we are. As a family we could not have done this without all of you wonderful people, supporting us all the way. Those of you that have met Dylan will know why we went through all this to give him the best possible chance to survive. He is the most delightful, cheeky and funny kid you could ever meet. He has an amazing zest for life and manages to get everyone who meets him, in fits of laughter.

I better make it to bed now, not that I will sleep. I will update the website as often as I can and put photos in the album. The photo album has been playing up though, I have uploaded three times the amount and now it’s not there! I will have to look into it when I get a chance.

Don’t forget the Auction night on Friday 28th January at Shakespeare’s Bar & Bistro. 8pm, 101 Young street Frankston. Also the Fun day on 5th February 10am-4pm at Skye Primary School and the Trivia night at the Rosebud country club on 29th January at 7:30pm, For tickets email Vicki: There are also other fundraisers going on at various places, so if you come across them, please support the companies that are supporting Dylan.

It’s up up and away very shortly, and our next journey will begin along the road of beating this awful cancer.