Monday, November 8, 2004

Where's the oncologist?

Still in hospital, it’s now day 6. He had his hickman dressing changed today and chemo of Vincristine. His bone marrow aspirate scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed due to his low blood count. We were told this morning that Dylan could stay at Macca House the night and come back for an antibiotic tomorrow and then go home, but then we were told an hour later that he needs to stay in until tomorrow afternoon. Of course Dylan was then in tears as he was expecting a night of freedom. We have not seen an Oncologist since he was admitted, only a new registrar who has only worked in oncology for a few days and has already made me mad. This is the problem with being on a different ward, you seem to be forgotten about when the oncologists do their rounds. I did request to be seen but they told me that they are unavailable to see Dylan today! The registrar could not tell me his blood counts today as he did not check and he never got back to me. They have stopped the antibiotics and replaced it with a different daily antibiotic that he will have once a day for five days through his hickman line. The hospital has arranged for the "hospital in the home" to come each day to dose him. We have been told he needs to stay in over night for observation and can go home tomorrow, after his second dose. At least we can have him home for his birthday now. I have added NEW PHOTOS to our online album...check them out.