Thursday, November 11, 2004

We got out - home nurse visiting

Hi everyone
We got discharged from RCH on Tuesday afternoon. I have been a little angry with the hospital so I have not written, otherwise it would have been a huge session that would not be appropriate for Dylan’s site, so I thought it was better to keep my hands away from the keyboard! Basically Dylan has had antibiotics called Ceftriaxone given daily by the visiting nurse via his hickman line since we have been home. Today he had a blood test at home and the results show that his Haemoglobin in 78 and his platelets are 25, so we need to go to hospital at 8am tomorrow morning for transfusions again. The good news is that his white blood cells are on the way up, so neutrophils should be only days away. Hopefully this will be enough to prevent a temperature occurring during his transfusion and we get to go home tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise the party will be an issue again for Saturday, but I am feeling confident so lets hope we don’t have to cancel again because the guest list is getting smaller, I think people are getting sick of the postponing. His temperature has been fine since we have been home and he is well in himself. Yesterday was his 6th birthday and we went on a family picnic by the lake, the weather was beautiful. He thinks his surprise party is on Sunday, but we have made it for Saturday…so it will be a surprise. Tuesday 16th we have an appointment with his oncologist, Dr. Heath. We will find out then, when he will have his bone marrow aspirate again and when chemo is planned for.