Sunday, January 8, 2012


We met with Dr Basu, a fairly new doctor to the MSKCC Neuroblastoma team, who is running the humanized antibody therapy study. We have signed all the consent forms and are set to start on Wednesday. Dr Basu explained that Dylan will actually be the first child to start at the 4 times the dose escalation. The good news is that Dylan can continue this treatment for 2 years and step up when the dose escalates, he can start again at the higher dose along the way. This is of course as long as he does not have any disease progression, serious side effects or develops a HAHA that doesn't go away. Dylan has a busy schedule Monday at hospital with multiple tests and then gets a rest Tuesday, with therapy starting Wednesday. He will have the HU3F8 intravenously every 8 days, with daily blood draws at the same time of day for 14 days, yes even on the weekends. After that I think he gets 2 weeks off from blood work, then it starts again for 14 days...I think. It's a little bit of a complex schedule with treatment falling on a different day each week, so I am just going to take it week by week. Dylan will scan every 4 weeks to see how it effects his disease. Fingers crossed, I will keep you all updated as we go along.