Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cain's Amazing Poem

"I am from" by Cain Hartung

I am from Staff paper
From Yamaha and Rickenbacker
I am from the suburbs, the countryside and the city
Sound of Cockatoo, sight of starless skies
Smell of burning eucalyptus trees
I am from the lemon tree
The falling autumn leaves that gravity pulls to Earth
But from homes sight they seem to be floating away to the atmosphere

I'm from Friday afternoon barbeques and midnight ER runs
From Melissa and Timothy
I'm from the "coming and going"
And the "Forever Enduring"
From "Always try your best"
And "Everything's Possible"
Nothing is free in life
Quite the contrary
In order to tread the road to success
There's enormous amount of sacrifice

I'm from the land down under
Fresh meat pies and melted Tim Tams
From the sounds of heart rate monitors
And adjusting beds
From the person who is my motivation
Innovation and Inspiration

I am from the North and South
Both born in the Spring and Autumn
My life runs through staff paper
hitting it's high notes and it's low notes
In time signatures I struggle to follow
I am me and no one else
I do what I can to make the best out of any situation
But at the end of the day

I am from what my loved ones make of me