Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dylan is now officially a teenager!

Wow 13 ~ I can't believe it! Over 7 years ago, I would not have ever thought Dylan would be a teenager, of course I hoped it and I have fought for it, but as a cancer mum, it's a huge milestone. Dylan is still fighting cancer, since he was 5 years old, he has never been cancer free, and has had cancer for more than half his life, but he is here and he is now a teenager with cancer, not a kid with cancer.

It has brought up many emotions, not only for Tim and I but also for Cain. He hugged Dylan last night, crying and telling him how much he loved him and how he is "his" hero. Then of course, that made
me cry!

OK it's time for the birthday story LOL, 13 years ago I was booked in for a C-section, as Dylan was breech. I had a spinal block put in, Tim beside me on the operation table with his hospital cap and mask on, holding my hand and looking into my eyes. The sheet was up so I couldn't see all the goop. The doctor had the scalpel in his hand and then put it down. "Lets do another quick positional check, wait a minute I just want the other doctor to check" Then I heard "well mum, appears your baby has done a U-turn while you were on the table, he is in the right position for natural child birth" Shocked, I was wheeled into recovery. The nurse told me that I would be taken up stairs for inducing in the birthing rooms. I still couldn't feel anything because of the spinal block. Then after 3 hours, all of a sudden I felt EVERYTHING! An hour after that, Dylan lay on my stomach...and pee'd on me! The next day I went home with baby Dyl. I remember Tim pulling up in our driveway and for the moment when he got out of the car to come around the otherside to open my door, I had this overwhelming feeling of "wow, I am sooo happy". Kids grow so fast, I feel like their childhood was a blink. I have two teenage son's now, Cain will be 17 next week. Now I get Cain coming in asking me to squeeze pimples and Dylan telling me he wants a girlfriend! Ah teenagers, what joy.

Thank you to everyone for getting Dylan to where he is today. Without your prayers, support and fundraising, I know that he simply would not be here, which is so hard to ever imagine.