Friday, February 6, 2009

Phase 1 Study

We met with Dr Modak today and confirmed our decision to start the phase 1 study of single agent Perifosine for recurrent pediatric solid tumors IRB #: 08-091 A (1) On Monday we will meet with Dr Becker who is heading the study and further in the week Dylan will under go a series of tests to commence the study. It will involve daily oral doses of Perifosine. Dylan will have regular blood tests and check ups throughout the study on a regular basis, the first day of dosing will require Dylan to spend the whole day in the hospital to draw drug levels in his blood and to make sure he does not have any immediate side effects. The drug has little side effects, but with all new drugs of any description on any new patient, negative reactions are always a possibility. Dr Modak seemed very excited and confident about having Dylan try this study, and Dr Modak's recommendations on Dylan's treatment always sways my decision in his favor, as I trust him 100%. Dylan's HAMA result shows it is coming down finally, he is approx at the 2,000 mark. We will continue to test HAMA and when he is able to re-commence 3F8 we will do so. Dylan is very happy today, he had a spelling test today and he got 11 out of 12, he was very proud of himself as he had been studying very hard the night before. Dylan also had karate this afternoon and played with the therapy dogs in the evening, then retired back up to the room with some friends to play video games.