Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting over the flu

Dylan is almost fully recovered from the flu, except for a nightly cough. The lab results from last weekend at the hospital came back very quickly with an influenza positive result. Tim also came down with it, but luckily Cain and I were spared. I met with Dr Becker from the Neuro team who is running the Perifosine study on Monday. He explained that the drug works well on Adults with brain tumors and other cancers, so a study has been opened for pediatric cancers. Dylan will be the 3 or 4 child to start on the study, but he will be the very first Neuroblastoma patient. In the lab it does kill Neuroblastoma cells. The doctor also explained that this drug also works even better with another drug (cannot remember it's name), but they must do the first study only using the Perifosine and once that is done they can introduce this other drug in a future study. Dylan will only require 3 tablets a week and a weekly blood drawing and check up and can remain on the treatment for as long as we want, depending on side effects and response of course. As Dylan was sick this week, his work up has been postponed to next week, after all these tests he will then start the Perifosine study on the week of the 23rd.