Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cain's birthday

Cain had a great 14th Birthday, thanks again to everyone who sent gifts and made it a fantastic day for him. Dylan did something for Cain that was really sweet. I took Dylan to Gamestop to spend his gift certificate that someone had sent to him. Dylan looked all around the store picking up various games and putting them back, while I stayed in the long line waiting to be served in the hope he would have made a decision by the time I got to the counter. Well, Dylan came up and handed me a game, saying that this is the game that Cain really wants for his birthday and I want to use my gift certificate to get it for him!!! I was so touched that he wanted to do that and when Cain opened it on his birthday morning, he was too. Cain and Dylan hugged and it was so awesome to see. The boys do love eachother so much, but lately they don't show it as much, I guess because of the age gap now, Cain is a teen and into totally different things to Dylan now. We took Cain to the Tuckshop for his meat pie lunch and he spent the rest of his day with his friends. Dylan and I will be heading to Vermont in a few weeks to meet with Dr Sholler and have a consultation to discuss what options of treatment she can offer. No decisions on treatment will be made until after the New Year, we are just laying the foundations and leaving no stone unturned.