Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy weekend

I just had to share this photo with everyone. This is a photo that was taken of our friend Devin and his family. Devin recently came out of transplant and attended his sister’s wedding. His sister was the one who donated her marrow to him. Devin has an outstanding sense of humor, and of course the wedding was not going to get through without it. The photo tells the story, basically Devin has to wear a mask for a certain period of time to protect him after transplant, I guess they decided to get his smile in the pictures and if everyone else wore a mask then he wouldn’t have to! Great photo guys, made us all have a great chuckle.

Halloween night was great, the boys went trick or treating at a near by apartment building, thanks to Brendan at the NYPD for driving all the kids from the house. Jess Thompson from New Zealand came to visit us. Jess has been following Dylan’s story for years now, and has done many fund raising events for Dylan. Jess came to NY to run the Marathon on Sunday, she did a great job, completing the marathon in 5 hours and as nervous as she was, she felt it was much easier than she thought it would be…well done Jess! Rich from the RMDH also ran along with Dr Kushner from the Neuroblastoma team, Harrison's mom, Gina, Marissa’s father, Randy and Griffin’s father, Lou. Photos can be seen HERE

I also forgot to mention about the NY Giants night last Monday. The RMDH had a fundraiser and invited some families to attend. Dylan got a photo opportunity with Eli Manning! The Giants were signing footballs for the people who donated for the event, and Dylan as bold as he is, decided to crawl under the tables and pop up beside him for a photo! Hannah’s family did a speech, talking about what a difference the RMDH has made for their family. It was a great night and lots of money was raised for the house. The RMDH had a fun run in Central Park on Saturday, both Cain and Dylan ran. Dylan came last but he did the whole half mile and was very proud of himself. Cain ran a mile and also did really well. I have added quite a few new kids the “House Heroes” page, please visit these amazing and brave children.