Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long Beach Island NJ

We had the most amazing weekend. Our friend Kevin, took us to his family’s beach house on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Kevin sadly lost a brother to Neuroblastoma 30 years ago, the heartache of Neuroblastoma effects you forever, no matter the outcome, it bonds us all as family. Kevin picked us up Saturday morning and the weather was better than we could have hoped for at this time of the year. The house was incredible and we each had our own rooms!!! The beach was almost literally their back yard, the sand was clean and the water was beautiful. We headed out to see the Barnegat Lighthouse that was built in 1857. It looked huge standing at the bottom but Dylan insisted he wanted to join Cain and Tim with walking to the top! To my surprise he did it, without being carried or complaining half way through. In fact he was so proud of himself for doing it that he has told everyone how he climbed 434 steps, well it was 217 but he counted the way down too. In the afternoon we went by the shore to do some fishing and crabbing. We didn’t catch any fish but we did catch one blue crab. We set him free though. The next day Kevin took us on a fishing boat and boy did we catch fish! All five of us caught at least 10 fish each, but we had to throw most of them back as they were too small, we ended up with 4 keepers at the end of the day and we had them for dinner. It was mine and Dylan’s first time ever fishing and after I got over my fear of touching the bait, I had fun. I had never eaten fish that I had caught myself, it was sort of weird but good at the same time. We made some friends on the boat, Herb and Tim, you can see them in the photo album. Monday was Columbus day so the boys were off school so we did some early morning shore fishing but didn’t catch anything, although there were a few bites. The boys had a blast playing on the beach and jumping around in the water. Thank you so much to the O’Brien family for opening their home to us. You can view the photos HERE

Dylan has a clinic appointment next week, I will discuss with the team about clarifying the spots in the skull that were on the last report, although the doctors have said it is not progression and he is still considered stable.