Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dylan is in School

I know it has been a big lapse in time since my last update, but not much has really been happening and I have been taking a computer break! Dylan is doing great. He started school (America’s school year starts in September) and is about to commence his 3rd week of 4th grade. Some of you may remember we attempted school last year but after a week, Dylan ended up back on home instruction. This year Dylan is making a huge attempt, although he still hates the early mornings and ends up in the nurses office a few times a week for various reasons. It’s great that Dylan is now in “real” school, he is now as close to being a “normal” 9 year old as possible. Next week Dylan will miss a few days for the 6 weekly work up of scans and tests. So far the cycle of Retuximab and Cyclophosphamide has resulted in lowering his Hama level from approx 2200 to 1700 but hopefully it will get even lower as his B cells gradually deplete. The team has decided that only one cycle will be given. Dylan continues on Thalidamide and Celebrex daily and is stable, he has put on more weight, actually you cannot even see his medi-port anymore! Cain is in 8th grade this year and is also doing fantastic. Cain continues to learn the bass guitar and the RMDH has even started up weekly music lessons of which both Cain and Dylan attend. They are working hard at song writing and next year will perform at Carnegie Hall as the RMDH band. Dylan has his best friend Joseph here this weekend, so he has been busy playing with him, and Cain does his usual “teen” hang out stuff. I have added a few more website links to the Children of the House page, so be sure and check them out.