Friday, July 11, 2008

Rituximab scheduled

Well it’s official, Dylan will start Rituximab on Monday, it’s an infusion of about 4 hours. This is an antibody that kills off the B cells, which are the cells that create HAMA. Dylan will then have a 2 week break, then another round of the Retuximab followed by low dose Cytoxin chemo (Cyclophosphamide) The down side to this Rituximab is that B cells also are for fighting infection, so Dylan will be immune compromised and vulnerable to infections. Knowing this, we are still going ahead as I feel the hope of removing HAMA an enabling the continued treatment of 3F8 to be more beneficial. Dylan will be the 6th child at MSKCC to have this for the use of removing HAMA. Dylan will continue his Celebrex and Thalidamide combination during the Rituximab/Cytoxin treatment. Dylan is very happy and very well and very positive. He is not upset by the up coming treatment at all and even said to me the other day that he wants to give “real” school another try this September because he wants to be more like a “normal” kid and not like a cancer kid. Dylan also continues his spirit of “beating” this cancer and being Cancer free one day. I am relieved that he still has this will to live and continue on, he amazes me each and every day. Dr Modak was very impressed by how well Dylan continues to be, Dylan’s weight is now 23.1kg and Height 127.6cm. All his blood counts were also fantastic and in normal range now. Karate is still high on Dylan’s priorities and enjoyed class in clinic today as his usual lesson at RMDH was cancelled today. I will take the camera to long Island this weekend and try and get some swimming photos online for you all to see.