Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We had an amazing Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis. The Stegemann family arranged for a private charter jet to pick us up from an airport in New Jersey on Thursday night. I was nervous at how small the plane was at first, but once up in the air watching the incredible view of the sunset, I soon relaxed. We were picked up once we landed in Indiana a few hours later by Dave and his wife Annette. They cooked us a yummy roast and then on Friday we hung out together, catching up on old times and remembering Justin. There were photos and memorabilia everywhere throughout the house, I really felt like Justin was still there, and seeing how well the family is dealing with the loss after such a short period of time, I was happy and content, and somewhat relieved. We went to a place called “Steak n Shake” one of Justin’s favorite places for lunch, then we headed to the grocery store to stock up on steak and crab claws to put on the grill. I tell you, I don’t think I have eaten like this ever before, they fed us like kings! We were joined by friends Brian and his son Mike later that night, they drove up from Long Island New York. Mike’s twin brother, Matt passed away from cancer a few years back, they were very close friends with Justin. On Saturday the boys all went to the driver meeting with VIP passes and toured the Indy museum etc. Mean while Annette and I went to pick up Seth who was spending his last weekend with us before boot camp. Saturday night we had a fire works display in the yard (they are legal in Indiana) and then while the kids stayed at the house with the sitters, we took off to the track for the party! We were there for a few hours, watching the bikes and people all party it up. Then Sunday of course we went to the Indy 500 race, it was great! I even got a tan! Dylan and Cain loved it, first turn, front row. Dylan did have ear plugs but insisted on just sticking his fingers in his ears. The New Zealand driver won, while our “Aussie” driver ran into the fav female driver in the pitts, taking both cars out of the race! Monday we just rested and took the kids bowling in the evening. Tuesday morning we were greeted again by a private plane, the exact same one that Justin use to fly, so I immediately had no fears about flying, knowing he would be looking out for us. We had such a good time I didn’t want to leave, Indianapolis is so much like home, nicer food, slower paced. Even the land and houses were like home, trees, land, lakes and totally different stores than Manhattan. I can’t get over how much cheaper it is there too, almost quarter the price of food etc than in New York! More and more I am learning how Manhattan really is an entity all of it’s own, it is so different from the rest of the country. Photos of our mini vacation can be viewed HERE. Thank you to the Stegemann family for covering all our expenses and making us feel so welcome and to Mary Ann and Matt at First Wing for the flights.