Monday, April 14, 2008

Dylan in the New York Post

Dylan was on Page 9 of the New York Post today, along with Andrea, Chaplin Frei and therapy dog Angel. Click the article on the right to see it larger. Dylan and Andrea have been chosen by the RMDH of NYC to take part in a healing mass by the Pope on Saturday. This mass will be an intimate ceremony of only 50 children and their care giver. Why were we chosen? I'm feeling extremely honored and so is Dylan. I know that the RMDH had a very hard time deciding who to choose, I was told how hard it was to know who would actually be at the house at the time and who would be well enough to attend. I also know that because both Cain and Dylan had their Baptism, Communion and Confirmation ceremonies here at the RMDH also had part in the decision making. For what ever the reason is, we are again very honored and will enjoy the experience very much, rest assured that Dylan and I will be both not only praying for Dylan's complete healing but also for all children fighting pediatric cancer and for strength/peace for families who have lost children to cancer. For the online article click HERE This morning we had an interview with CBS and tomorrow will be with NBC, I am not sure of the air date. There also maybe some footage taken during the mass next Saturday. Dylan's scans and tests went well last week, we have an appointment with the team on Wednesday to discuss the results are the next step of a stem cell harvest, followed by the commencement of oral treatment of Thalidomide and Celebrex. We met another family from England here today, their son is having treatment for Retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eyes. It's really amazing how many people bring their children for cancer treatment to New York! We have met families from England, Ireland, Greece, South Africa, Russia, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, China, Korea, Italy, The Philippines, Albania, Chile, India, Jamaica, Spain, Norway, Mexico and of course fellow Australians. Dylan is not the only child from Overseas, you realize this is a common source families seek when it comes to trying to save their children, once you actually arrive at the RMDH of NYC. Of course everyone's situation is different but it's comforting to know that your not the only one and I thank my lucky stars everyday that I speak English, I can only imagine the extra hurdles people face from other countries that cannot speak English, and believe me their are many who have that extra issue.