Monday, December 5, 2005

Trial delayed due to platelet levels

Hi everyone, Dylan and I went to clinic this morning to check on his blood counts. White blood cells, hemoglobin and neutrophils are great but his platelets are 49. Unfortunately Dylan cannot start the 2nd round of the trial until his platelets reach 75 or above, so treatment has been delayed again for this week, but the doctor is confident that by next Monday his platelets will be high enough to start. Dylan is doing great, eating well, feeling good and happy that he can have a bath without any access lines hanging down. We are all very excited that it is only 2 weeks away from Tim and Cain arriving in New York, the time just cannot go quick enough for us. Rose and Donna are having a good time with us and Team Continuum. Dylan and Donna are certainly enjoying spending time great quality time together. We woke up Sunday morning and looked out the window to see New York covered in a layer of white snow. I just love the snow, it really feels like a white Christmas, just like in the movies. Many New Yorkers can’t understand why I am so thrilled to see the snow, and keep telling me that after a few snow storms I will be over the whole snow thing. I didn’t really get much of a chance to see the snow in Central Park in January/February, so this snow season I must make sure I get some nice snow photos in Central Park.

I have closed the previous email account that was on Dylan's website and all emails to us will need to be emailed to the address below so that the administrator of the Dylan Hartung Fund can screen the emails sent to us in future. Please be assured that your emails of support will get forwarded to us.

I have just discovered that after canceling the old email address I have also cancelled my geocities that held the links on this page...bugger! Bare with me as I will have to rebuild them over the next few weeks because the current way that they are, I am unable to edit them and I am unsure how long they will be viewable.