Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pray for Zack

Dylan is well again, thank goodness the fever only lasted a few days and he is healthy for Christmas (fingers crossed) As many of you will know, we spent last Christmas in the hospital and this year we hope to be away from the hospital to enjoy our time as a family. Dylan’s MIBG scan results came back stable, I won’t get the official report until after Christmas when I go in to see the team. Dylan has been playing with his friend Joseph who is having his scans in preparation for the vaccine therapy also. Dylan will still need his CT scans done in January. Dylan has been invited to the NY Rangers game this weekend, they want him to ride the “ice machine thing” again at half time! Christmas is nearly here, we are organized I think, we will have morning with RMDH and then visit the Maynards for Christmas lunch.

I want to ask for prayers for a very special boy. Some may remember Zack, Dylan and Zack were good friends during the time that Zack was here. Dylan has personality but Zack has even more of a captivating personality than Dylan if that’s possible! He is funny and so smart. I meet so many kids here at RMDH but there are a selective few that just capture your heart more than others, that are just that little bit more special, that little bit more amazing and Zack is definitely one of them. Well, Zack is in desperate need of prayers right now. He has been awaiting a double lung transplant for some time now, but earlier this month he went into massive respiratory failure. Zack is in ICU at in Boston. I can’t imagine never seeing this little guy again, so please pray, please pray for his family and please pray that he can get the treatment he needs and that he is well enough to have it. We love you Zack. Please visit his website HERE and sign his guest book with prayers and love.