Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Safe and Sound

Tim and Cain arrived safely on Friday night. We are still so excited to be together and we still can’t believe we are actually together again. There are lots of people to thank for making all this happen, from helping with the sale of our house, to packing, storing, cleaning, moving, flights and just plain support, courage and care when we needed it.. First and foremost our sincere gratitude to Gerry and Jim. Also thank you to the Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Qantas, Mpre Harcourts, S & J Towan Removals, Kevin, Leanne, Brett, Liz, Troy, Grant, Cheryl, Karin, Patrick, Karon, Kylie, Rick, Gran & Pop and Gina. Just last night I watched as a family entered the RMDH, the husband pushing the stroller and the wife and other sibling walking along side. I had to smile because usually when I look at other families I got a sinking feeling rush through me, but now I have that too, I can grab hold of my husband and hug him whenever I like and put my arms around Cain when I know he needs it. I’m on top of the word right now! Dylan is doing great, on his 5th cycle of Accutane and today he had a HAMA and Urine test which we should have the results of by next Wednesday. A scan is scheduled for the end of the month. I will try and get a group photo of us all soon, for right now we are just so busy being a family and catching up on quality time.