Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy Birthday boys

Hi all,
Dylan and Cain had a great weekend. On Saturday, despite the weather, we had their parties. Cain had his mini golf party at 12pm and at 2pm the boys returned to their surprise party. Dylan said "Hey, it was suppose to be tomorrow!" I told him that's why it's a surprise! Then he said he knew because he saw all the cars out the front. We had a great turn out, a few dropped out as they had colds etc but we still had heaps of guests. And presents...I think we are still opening packages! It was great, thanks to everyone's effort of bringing food and just being there to celebrate the day. Dylan feel asleep in the hallway at about 4pm, so I put him to bed. He woke at about 7pm once all the guests had gone so we never got to do the birthday cake thing until about 10pm because when he woke up, all he wanted to do was play with his presents. Yesterday we went to the VSK (Very special kids) day in conjunction with the Ulysses motorcycle club. The boys had a fantastic time riding on side cars etc. Even Tim and I got a ride on the back of a bike! It was awesome. Today was Cain’s birthday, so he stayed home from school and we went to the toy shop to spend the money he got given as presents. He bought a remote control car worth $90 and is saving the rest of the money that he got. Dylan had $20 to spend and of course bought more cars because 5,000 he already has just isn’t enough! Tomorrow we go to hospital to see Dr. Heath as he has returned from America and we should find out what the next steps of his treatment are and when he has his next bone marrow aspirate and hopefully harvest.