Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sag Harbor

It’s been a while since I updated. Dylan is doing great and we are both enjoying the summer weather. Dylan is about to finish his second week off Accutane and will commence cycle 4 on Monday. We are in clinic today having IV Pentamidine, a CBC and a HAMA test (fingers crossed). We had an amazing weekend away from the city, see photos HERE. Our friends Grant and Cheryl invited us to join them on a trip to Sag Harbor. We stayed with friends there in a beautiful house by the sea and Dylan just loved it. On Saturday morning the local boys from the neighborhood played baseball in the backyard of the house where we stayed, they play there regularly because the yard is so big. Dylan watched from the window so I asked if he wanted to see if they would let him join in. Dylan’s face lit up and he promptly put on his shoes, hat and sunscreen to run outside. I was hesitant only because I was afraid of Dylan being hit by a ball and because there were 8 boys playing of mixed ages who were unfamiliar with Dylan’s condition and not use to playing with children with cancer. I sat on the back deck and watched very surprised as to what happened. Dylan explained to them that he had cancer, I then watched as all the boys whispered to one another. I wondered what would happen, then to my amazement I saw the boys make huge allowances for Dylan as they played. They pretended to drop the ball to allow for Dylan to run to each base (Dylan runs very slow), they cheered him on and yelled out “well done Dylan, good job”. When Dylan stopped to rest under a tree or get a drink of water from the house, they would all ask where he went and if he was ok. I sat on the deck smiling on the inside at what wonderful children they were to embrace him they way they did. I was afraid they would tease him or not want to be his friend because he could not keep up with them but these kids were just so kind and so well behaved. After they finished their game they invited Dylan to their house across the street and he met their parents. Dylan came back about a half hour later and then we went to the dock to go for a ride on Gerry’s boat. It was awesome! We anchored after an exciting ride for about 20 minutes and joined the boat with Mitch and Nancy’s boat, whose daughter Kiki also had a jet ski. Well, it wasn’t long before Dylan went for a ride. I certainly was not brave enough, but Dylan had a blast. I don’t think I have ever seen him have so much fun. I sat on the boat saying “This is what it’s all about” seeing Dylan enjoying himself and doing things he has never done before makes all those hospital visits and sacrifices worth it. He rode around for hours, I couldn’t believe how far out he went and that he was steering it himself! Kiki is a kindergarten teacher so she is great with kids and of course Dylan made her a chicky babe! Later that evening, the family across the street came over to ask if they could take Dylan to the town festival and to see the fireworks. Dylan returned that night with plush toys he had won and a smile from ear to ear. Thank you so much for taking him along he had a great time. The next day we went back on the boat and enjoyed the sun and warm water. By the afternoon Dylan and I were tired so we returned to the house to watch some TV and relax in the Jacuzzi. Thank you so much to Gerry for opening his home to us for such a memorable weekend and also to Grant and Cheryl for inviting us. Also thank you to Mitch, Nancy and Kiki who also welcomed us into their home and took Dylan for the Jet Ski ride. When Cheryl dropped us home early Monday morning she said she felt like we were away for a week and she was so right. All week I have been in vacation mode, so relaxed and refreshed, it really was the best weekend ever. After a quick blood test at hospital Monday morning, Dylan went off to sunrise day camp and returned still energetic, I couldn't believe it, but by 7pm he was fast asleep and didn’t wake until 10am Tuesday. I didn’t send him to camp because he really needed to catch up on some rest. Yesterday was 4th July, so after hanging around the house we joined the RMDH by the East river to watch the fire works and have a BBQ. Tim and Cain should arrive in New York in the next 2-3 weeks depending on finalizing the flight details. We are all so excited and anxious. It is an amazing feeling knowing that this time they won’t have to leave us, we can stay together until we “all” return home.