Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Come on Friday!!!

I cannot express my feelings of excitement and anxiety right now. Tim and Cain will be here on Friday night! Yeah they have visited before but this time is even more exciting because it marks a huge change in an era. What I mean by that is in the past we would have this cloud over our heads knowing there will come a time when we have to say goodbye, but this time the cloud won’t be there. Finally the time has come when we can be a family together and when it comes time that Dylan has finished his therapy in New York, we can leave as a family when we return to Australia. I know living in one room together will probably drive us crazy at times, but it can’t be any worse than it has been living apart for so long. I am looking forward to seeing how much Cain has grown up and changed. Cain is very nervous and anxious about the move, understandably but I just know he will settle in faster than he realizes. I plan to give Cain lots of mommy attention while Tim focuses time with Dylan. Dylan is doing great, he spent the past 2 days at art camp and today brought home a huge sculpture he made. I loved it but was also horrified as to it’s size and where I will keep it in the room, but Dylan is so proud of it, in fact he carried it all the way home saying every artist should carry his own work! Tomorrow Dylan has a hospital visit to check his blood counts etc. He is very happy and energetic and just as anxious about Friday getting here as fast as it can.