Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Offically starting on Monday

Ok it’s official, Dylan starts dose escalated (10 times the dose) 3F8 monoclonal antibodies, protocol 05-015 on Monday. Today Dylan will start GM-CSF injections daily for the next 2 ½ weeks for the first cycle. His HAMA test done on Monday Shows that it is now under 500. The MIBG scan was stable, 4 Bone Marrow sites negative (but that just means they may have got clean samples) CT scan was normal and the urine tests (VMA & HVA) are not back yet. Dylan is confident, but I am nervous. Not about the therapy, I am excited about that because it has benefited the children who have had it in the past, but just worried about how Dylan will cope with the pain factor. Maybe I am just worried how I will cope with the pain factor! So it’s full steam ahead now, with fear and excitement all mixed into one.

Penelope is an amazing little girl who is still fighting hard. Please pray for her and her family as she is in a lot of pain. Penelope has done so many therapies including the hot 3F8 that Dylan had. She has had treatment in many hospitals, including MSKCC.

Penelope’s article in the Wall Street Journal can be read HERE and her website is HERE

Please also continue to pray for our friend Carter, he also is in a lot of pain and currently on hospice/palliative care at home. To visit his website click HERE