Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nothing goes to plan without a hiccup

Aaaaarrrrgh, nothing ever seems to go to plan easy. Yesterday we had a great day, the weather was beautiful and we went to see the new Spiderman 3 movie with Alyssa and Dylan’s friend Stavros. In the afternoon/evening, the RMDH celebrated the Mexican festival Cinco de mayo. Dylan was very happy socializing and playing until 9pm. At 9:30pm we were both in bed asleep but at 11pm I heard Dylan moaning. I thought he was having a bad dream so I reached over and said “I’m here baby, it’s alright”, he then replied that he was in pain. So I got up to get him some pain relief, I knew that the GM-CSF injections have been causing him muscle and bone pain (that’s a usual side effect) but then he said I am in so much pain that I am shaking. Well I new immediately that he must have a fever and quickly took his temperature which was a whopping 40.1 degrees! In a panic, I rushed him to Urgent Care, they took blood cultures and hooked him up to IV antibiotics. His counts and immune system is great, particularly on the injections that stimulate the white blood cells so that is a comfort. I was puzzled as to why he got a fever, he was perfectly fine, no cough or runny nose and despite the fever was talking at a million miles per hour to all the hospital staff and he chewed my ear off when their was no one else to chat to. The fever went after about 2am, and he fell asleep. We stayed in Urgent care until being admitted to the 9th floor at 6am. I was exhausted as we had been up since 8am that morning. I woke hoping that this was not another line infection, we don’t want to go though another drama of having his port removed and a new medi-port put in etc. I got a surprise call from our Australian friend Chris who moved to China last year, he was in New York for business and came to the hospital for a visit. I woke Dylan up just before he arrived and then I knew why he had a fever…he woke with a very husky voice! Thank goodness it’s looking like it’s probably a throat infection of some kind. Dylan was very pleased to see Chris and had a great visit with him. I am now waiting for the doctors to come in a check his throat for signs of redness and to do throat swab to try and establish the type of infection he has. The fever has not returned so that’s a good thing. Once they know what they are dealing with, it should be straight forward on the type of antibiotic to use and we should hopefully get discharged in a day or two. The big question is will this delay the therapy we are scheduled to start tomorrow. We won’t know until we see the team tomorrow. I hope that he can still start, otherwise the efforts of having the GM-CSF injections since last Wednesday would have been in vain. They are very painful when injecting and cause the body to ache intermittently throughout the day and night. Dylan takes it in his stride though, he injects himself so that he can control the amount going in and balance it with the pain, taking short breaks while depressing the syringe. Time for me to sign off now and catch up with some emails while Dylan continues to eat his lunch, then we will play a game of scrabble together and maybe catch up with some sleep time.